Greyhounds - does anyone here have any?

  1. Hi there!

    My FI and I are thinking about getting a dog. He's been interested (for the last few years) in greyhounds - specifically adopting a retired racing greyhound.

    We were wondering if any PFer has adopted a greyhound and what your individual experiences have been?

  2. My experience is only with working with rescued greyhounds as patients. Some are trained to chase small animals for racing, so if you have cats, rabbits, etc., be careful. Most greyhound rescue groups have 'tested' whether she/he is okay with small animals.
    They are really cool dogs. Most I have come across are very mellow and usually are great patients. Hope some others can give you better insight!
  3. I have no experience, but I just wanted to say I think it's wonderful and good luck!
  4. I don't have any dogs, but I think it's awesome that you want to take care of the retired racing dogs. I met a few retired greyhounds at an animal event a few months back, and they were the sweetest dogs ever! They didn't mind that there were kids everywhere touching them, and lots of noise around them. If I got a dog, I wouldn't hesitate to get a greyhound.

    Good luck to you!
  5. That's awesome!

    I plan on adopting a greyhound in the future, but have never had one. I've heard they are wonderful dogs, though. A lot of people think they're super high-energy because they are bred to race, but that's actually not the case. As long as they get normal exercise they're fine. I once babysat for a family that had two of them, and they were total couch potatoes. And very sweet!
  6. My brother has 2 adopted greyhounds. They were both very succesful race dogs! Anyway, they are a little older now and they are such GOOD dogs!! My brother has 3 kids and the dogs are wonderful with the kids, and all of their friends. They are so loving and sweet. They mind really well, and are well trained. Let us kow if you get one~!!!
  7. I adopted a greyhound several years ago. She has since passed but was one of the most wonderful, loving dogs in the world. I still miss her to this day.

    Greyhounds are true companion dogs. They are not watch dogs. Unless you consider a watch dog to be laying on the sofa watching everything that goes on around them! They are unbelievable mellow and DO NOT need a lot of exercise. They are usually raced or trained 2x per week.

    I will post more later and see if I have any books left on adopting a greyhound.

    I hope you do adopt one - they are wonderful dogs.
  8. My friend almost got one but her apartment wouldn't let it... but when she was doing all her research and sharing it with me, they seemed to be great pets! I did hear you have to watch that they won't chase bunnies and stuff when you take them on walks, but that you'd think they need lots of exercise but really they're lazy and laid back and love to relax. I think adopting a greyhound (well, or any dog!) is a great idea:smile:
  9. Our RVT school works with OC/LA County Chapter of Greyhound Pet of America (GPA) 1-800-FON-1GPA (366-1472). It seems like there are tons of Greyhound rescue groups, too! Greyhound Welfare is a group that might be local to you
    Good luck adopting!
  10. Thanks so much for all the input!

    We've heard that they are major couch potatoes, which seems kind of funny, and are generally very gentle dogs. We're not sure when we will adopt, but it's good to read such positive comments about them.
  11. They are often called 40 mph couch potatoes.

    They are the most gentle, loving companion dogs. And I even have a yellow lab! My greyhound was sweeter.
  12. My DH and I adopted our first retired racing greyhound a little over a year ago. It was THE BEST decision we ever made. Turk is the sweetest, most gentle dog and you would never know he raced by how slow he moves now. He gets along well with our pharaoh hound. We are adoption representatives for Keystone Greyhounds. Check out for more info! Good Luck!
  13. I am owned by four Scottish Deerhounds, and have lived alongside greyhounds also all my life
    My grandfather kept around 10

    I also judge them at championship dog shows here in the uk, and am involved with greyhound and lurcher rescue

    the greyhound is one of the most placid laid back breeds of running dogs , historic intelligent , fleet of foot and mind

    Please please if you can give one a suitable home do, the rewards will be fantastic

    So many meet terrible fates, ( so many bred over here for the racetrack and betting ) I have seen some terrible things

    to such a majestic special , spiritual hound

    ( Indigo my deerhound has just sat on the sofa on top of my puter, )

    a falconer once said to me , your favourite bird leaves a hole in your heart that the others fall through, Indigo is so special to me , and lovessssssssssss greyhounds

    good luck let us know
  14. One of my girlfriends from college owned a rescue greyhound. According to her, the dog was a total couch potato, unless she saw a rabbit or squirrel... At one point, she ran right through their plate-glass back door! If you're thinking about getting one, make sure your backyard is fenced in.
  15. SuLi, I have a retired racer. Razor has lived with me for 7 years. I got him when he was a little over 2. Please, if you need any information, PM me and I would be happy to share. Here he is: