1. hi all... i'm new to balenciaga and just wondering if the city comes in a grey colour preferrably light grey?? i'd love one and this is the colour i'm searching for at the moment!! :tup:
  2. Welcome! :smile:
    The city does come in Grey (Fall 06 Productions)..
    Here is pics of the 06 one *courtesy of fellow TPFer, Irishgal
  3. :sweatdrop: *forgot to attach a pic,
    so let's try it again :sweatdrop:
  4. oh they're beautiful!!!! it looks great in grey!!! think i might have to try and get my first b bag!!! thanks so much for the help!!
  5. You should :graucho:
  6. It comes in a grey from 05 too and earlier (03 or 04?). Here's my 05 first for colour reference of what the 05 grey looks like:

  7. looks really pretty!!!!:tup:
  8. I know it doesn't exactly match what you're looking for - but I thought I'd put it out there for your reference. I've been drooling over this one for a while....but, the Black City is next on my list, so I must refrain. You mentioned wanting the City - but the part time is a gorgeous shape as well. And, while this color may be darker than you were looking for, it's still stunning!
  9. i would looove a grey city :love: steel resembles black too much for me, i saw it IRL and thought it was black :p i really lover the color of o6 grey, but i think it may be hard to find, so i'm just hoping balenciaga comes out with a similar grey sometime soon!

  10. that one is really nice!!! hmm... decisions decisions!!! hehe!!

    thanks for all of your help guys greatly appreciated!
  11. There were two greys in 2006... I think the City that aki posted is Griege (?), which was a fall '06 colour. Here is my spring '06 Gris Fonce...


    I love all of the grey bags Balenciaga has put out, but this (and '05 grey) is my favourite because it is a cool elephant grey. Griege is gorgeous but too light for me and Plomb looks like a faded black.

    All of the greys are in high demand though... Hopefully Bal takes a hint and gives us a new medium grey this fall! :heart:
    Gris Fonce Twiggy.jpg
  12. there was a grey from 2004 too!!! soooo lovely
  13. if you want a light grey then greige is the one. it's has beige grey tones. the gris fonce is also great, but not as light as greige.
  14. wow Cheshire Cat i LOVE your '06 Gris Fonce. That's on my wishlist as a city....mmhh :girlsigh: i've never seen one on eBay though....are they quite rare??
  15. I also love all the greys that Balenciaga has brought out ... that's definitely one color on my wishlist!