Grey Zeus or Black Zeus?

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  1. I got a clutch wallet in black zeus during the secret santa promotion and in all the excitement, I convinced (coerced) my younger sister to get one too, only she got the grey zeus. She is convinced she doesnt like the gray! She says it looks blue and marbled to her. I think it looks pretty modern and pretty awesome actually, at least in the photos! Shes out of state so I havent seen it yet.

    I think Im going to trade her by black zeus, even though it PERFECTLY matches my Chloe with gold hardware, simply because it seems like a trade would make her happy and I pretty much forced her to buy one! sniff sniff :shrugs:

    Don't you guys like the GZ better anyway? It seems like that is a more exciting color for everyone here. I dont know why she keeps thinking its blue. I think maybe her taste is more "traditional" or something. Trade?
  2. I know you all know what it looks like, but here you go!

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  3. Both are winners so you really can't lose!
  4. I have the GZ Havana and LOVE LOVE LOVE it! :heart::heart: As far as the color goes, it is definitely cool grey and not a warm gray...but I wouldn't say blue at all...just not a taupe-gray by any means. Does that make sense? I think it is really a perfect true gray.
  5. The GZ is GORGEOUS. Go for it!!
  6. grey over black any day of the century.
  7. I saw the gray today and it was a VERY tough choice leaving it behind for the purple patent.

    It's rare that you find a rich shade of gray, but the grey zeus is very rich with a great feel to it. I didn't even consider the black.

    But then again, I have never matched a handbag to a wallet before in my life. Ha.
  8. Well, they're both on sale for a short time longer, why don't you pick up another BZ and GZ - BZ for your sister and GZ for you. Then you guys have one of each.

  9. I got the GZ clutch wallet and I really love it. I totally agree with SarahBeth; it's more of a cool grey. I want more of it now!
  10. no contest the grey zeus. though i do think the HH website clutch pic is slightly deceiving. it looks like a light pebbled grey on the HH website but IRL, it is a definitely a blue-grey marbled leather. I think the black is a bit too boring.
    though honestly- if i had my pick, i would go for the crinkle violet :smile:
  11. GZ! I was amazed at how beautiful my GZ Havana was when I got her. I thought I wasn't going to like it, but now I find myself staring at her while driving! Stunning color!
  12. I do see the blue tones in mine but that definitely doesn't mean it's a bad thing! I love my grey zeus havana and think it's beautiful. Even my dad commented on it and I've never known him to notice something like that.
  13. I bet it looks great with the gold hardware too. Sounds awesome! :drinks:
  14. I have both the GZ and BZwallets and if I had to pick ony one to keep it would be the that color!
  15. I think the vote is pretty unanimous, viba! :yes: