Grey Wool Flannel Muse

  1. Ladies - I returned the O/S white/ivory muse because I want a large WHITE bag, not an ivory one.

    I did fall in love with the grey flannel muse! It's gorgeous.

    Question - which size should I get large? Oversize? Normally I prefer O/S but for some reason I thought it might be too much grey flannel. I'd love the O/S muse in grey leatherf .... TDF!:nuts:

    Has anyone seen it and care to share your opinion? THANKS!
  2. I`ve been eyeing the large Downtown in grey flannel but apparently the boutiques haven`t ordered it at all, neither here in Europe nor in the States.

    So, I took a look at the oversized Muse and although I always thought this bag was too feminine for a guy to carry, I completely fell in love with the material! I don`t think it`s too much flannel, it feels so soft and the grey is so perfect with the golden HW!

    So, I`m thinking about getting the O/S Muse although I still long for the large Downtown in this gorgeous grey flannel. (If anyone ever comes across one, please please please let me know!!!)
  3. ^Thank you for heads up, lhasalover, but I´d really prefer the Downtown. Or if the Muse, then the O/S, for that matter...
  4. Love this bag. Would love to see it IRL, but seems to be perfect for autumn.
  5. C, Based on the price, the one on Blueflly was O/S. I bought the olive one. Am still heading to YSL this weekend and will check on the large downtown for you.

  6. Thank you so much Regina! I called in a couple of times (had to stay up veeeeery long because of the time shift), but somehow never got through. Spoke to a gazillion other YSL boutiques here in Europe and in the States though and none carries the large ;o(