Grey wisteria or new grey squirrel??

  1. Thinking about getting another spy, (I have the leather/zucca one) and I'm considering one of these. Which one would you get?? :smile:
  2. wisteria for me!
  3. I think I prefer the Grey Wisteria better too! The colour is just amazing :love:
  4. Wisteria, gets my vote also.
  5. Wisteria -- I prefer prior years squirrel over the new one. :graucho:
  6. I would also go with the Wisteria
  7. wisteria defo - I love mine!
  8. Honey wisteria. That's what I hope to get when I start earning real money...
  9. That's an easy one - GREY WISTERIA!!! :love: :tender: :nuts:
  10. Another vote for wisteria! ;)
  11. Well I guess its settled then! I was leaning towards the wisteria too, cause I just adore the leather, but I think the squirrel embroidery is SO cute too!:girlsigh:
  12. Wisteria
  13. Wisteria has my vote
  14. ITA with the majority ... the wisteria is gorgeous! Remember to post pics of your new spy when it comes (BTW I could look at pics of spies all day:tender: )!
  15. Woohoo, Lauravt!! We'll be spy twins!! :happydance: :supacool: :rochard: