Grey vs. Taupe Fendy spy: what is the difference? looks a bit same to me.

  1. hi, i'm trying to decide on my first fendi spy bag, and i love the dark colors, but it seems a bit i was thinking about getting the grey or taupe seeing it from the board...are these two different colors or same? i'm a bit confused. please post pix if possible. i would really appreciate it.
  2. They are two difference colors. It's kind of hard to tell on the computer, but it's quite different IRL when I saw them in Barneys. Taupe has a yellowish (more earthy) tone to it if that makes sense.

    This is the Taupe/Natural

    And this is the grey
  3. I like the grey better than the taupe IRL. The taupe wasn't as soft (color-wise) as it looks in the picture.
  4. thanks for the info :smile: now i need to decide which one to get...or maybe the dark brown or black..heehee. i hate being so indecisive.
  5. grey:biggrin:
  6. The chocolate is so yummy so is the Cognac plus new colours will be coming out very soon.