Grey Twiggy

  1. I've been looking for a white/ivory bag for spring/summer for what seems like forever (BTW, I'm not a fan of light colored bags). I just couldn't seem to find one that I liked, it was either the style was great but the material was all wrong and vice-a-versa! Finally, I went to Neimans and saw THE perfect bag for me!....the grey twiggy :love: ! beautiful IRL.
    (4) Balenciaga Twiggy - 1055.JPG
  2. Congrats pursemama! I love all the colors that Balenciaga makes but also appreciate the real neutral ones. It is very understated and cool. Love it!
  3. Wow, cool! Congratulations, that is a very nice colour - light enough for summer, still very good for all year round. The grey also pops out nicely with this shiny leather finish.
  4. aaaahhhhhhhhh I love it!!! must resist temptation....must....must.....:love: :love:

  5. Grey is my fave non-metallic color. ^___^
  6. Exactly!...and since I'm such a klutz, not to mention anal...I don't have to worry so much about it getting dirty (like white/ivory bags).

    Thank you all for your positive comments....:love: !
  7. Congratulations! The grey is such a classic color :love:
  8. Fabulous color! Enjoy & congrats!
  9. good choice, pursemama
  10. It looks gorgeous! I LOVE gray bags!
  11. oooohhhhh~~~~~~~~~ (drool) ;)
  12. I have a gray twiggy and love mines.
    The color is very neutral that it really goes with anything.
    The best part for me is that you can carry the twiggy by the handle on your shoulders :smile:
  13. congrats on the twiggy!!! i just knew you'd be able to find a b-bag in the right colour!!!!! SO many colours!!!!
    its so cute! hehehe! congrats!
  14. BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!

    Congrats, congrats!!
  15. Ohhh I love it!!! I saw this last time I went to NM and thought it was very lovely!!