'Grey' Twiggy & Shopping Available

  1. OK, DEBBIE at Boca Baton, Florida(Saks) told me that she's got a 'dove grey'(I can't picture it though) in SHOPPING, and a 'darker grey--not plomb'(!!!!) in Twiggy! I'm pretty sure the Twiggy's from the 06' season!

    Good luck!
    PS....last enabling thread for the day....promise!
  2. LOL
    Thanks for sharing!

    Your threads are indeed so enabling! :nuts:
  3. i thought they stopped making the shopping in 06? :confused1:could this be the greige color then? that's unusual to have an older style hanging around, especially at Saks!
  4. i'm thinking it's the greige. my greige courier is from '06 and has been at Barneys forever until i took her home! i would describe my greige as a 'dove grey'....
  5. oooh, griege shopper!!!