GREY sweater?

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  1. I'm looking for one of those sweaters that are kind of like a short robe, basically like a cardigan that has a tie with a wide collar. Anyone have any suggestions?
  2. have you looked at the vince knitwear? they have some really great cashmere sweaters for fall. pricey, but gorgeous!
  3. Try Lily McNeal. All her sweaters are soft and comfy. I think you will find some great selections there (all belted and robe-like). I have one in merino wool and another in cashmere.
  4. Try Vince

    Also Urban Outfitters has cheaper versions by Luxe.
  5. totally should try lily mcneal .. i own two lily mcneal sweaters and they are both very comfy soft ... plus they have a wide selection of styles and colors
  6. Grey tie cardigan.jpg

    Just bought this one from Anthropologie and love it! It's so comfy and super soft and looks so great with pretty much anything in my wardrobe.
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