Grey Skinny Jeans??

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  1. Do y'all think these will be in style for another season?

    If so, who makes the best grey skinny jeans?
  2. yes, I think they will be still in. Dunno about who makes best, I totally got mine at target and I love them
  3. I think so as well. I have a pair of COHs that I love. I wish I could find another pair!
  4. DvB, hands down! Best skinny grey jeans.
  5. I have a pair from Goldsign that I love, but also because they have a particular cut that just looks awesome on me! I say go with the brand you like best for skinny jeans and then find a pair in the colour you want!
  6. I just got a pair of Citizens of Humanity grey skinny jeans. I love em!
  7. Has anyone found any good deals on them lately?

    I do love Citizens, they are always an exact fit for me. I was also thinking Sass & Bide, I know they had one pair of grey skinnies that were all the rage for a while...
  8. I love JB. They offer lots of lovely grey jeans. I just got my Pencil jeans in charcoal.
  9. j brand makes good one too
  10. I want grey skinny jeans so bad! :P I totally think they'll still be in, they're so hot. But I can never find a good pair that fit me. I need one with a 28'' inseam because I'm short, and everything I find is too long for me.

    I really like these at Twin Armada:

    Victoria's Secret also have them on sale right now too.
  11. ^^I had the Sass and Bide ones (the Misfits, in grey) but they stretch like crazy! I ended up giving them away . . . I love my Paige skinny jeans though (I think they're the Blue Heights style) - they're in the perfect grey!
  12. I also have a pair of grey COH skinny jeans.... Hmm... I wonder if we all have the same pair! Mine has the "h" in green
  13. I am SO glad you wrote this because my biggest pet peeve is jeans that stretch beyond recognition after an hour or so. This happened to me with 7 for all Mankind Roxanne skinny jeans in NYD--Infuriating!

    I am going to try the citizens!
  14. Sure they will!

  15. I was at Cent 21 this weekend for a getaway with the BF in NYC and I found a pair of these in my size and carried them around and then decided against them!!! kicking myself now!!