Grey Romantique Collection

  1. I've had my eye on several things, among them, the grey romantique collection. But what fustrates me is that i can't ever find the whole collection anywhere with prices and the Dior closest to me is in my hometown. (i'm in college 2 hours away)

    Does anyone have any info on this collection? Like, prices and pictures. I've also heard the the metal on the links of the handbag leave stains, is that the case for the new collection? (or just velvet)

    DIORgreyromantique.jpg DIoRgreyromantiqueeee.jpg DIORromantiquemedflap.jpg
  2. Ii got the beige and pink flap .... i :heart: them so much .. so far, mine is good :smile: .. no stain
  3. the official website.
  4. The romantique is not current season so I don't think it's on there.

  5. its there but only in European countries boutiques...:sad:
  6. WoW!I :heart: them so much!!!
  7. Ahh I don't tend to look there, I can't understand the language although some is in english.
  8. thanks ultimatechic~ i did check out diabro and its great, best thing i've seen so far since even the european dior site doesn't show everything. I'm so scared to walk into the dior in orlando now b/c i feel bad i've never bought anything there yet. I have enough saved up to get one 800-ish bag and still have a good amount saved... but i'm not sure if i want to let go of that much... i'd want to have the amount of 2 bags and extra in cash saved before i buy a bag. (the downsides of being a semipoor college student >.<)
  9. No problem, diabro's has quite a good range.

    See if the dior outlet has received anything in, I recall spotting a romantique bag in the dior outlet thread, ladydior has an excellent collection of pics of the outlet stock and they will do phone orders :yes:
  10. oops yeah sorry to mention its on the UK website ... I brought the small boston pink/brown recently.

    didnt realise there was a difference in countries.

    but there is quite alot on the Romantique but they just dont give you all the colours.

    Good luck honey52.

    ok now ima gonna snoop around the Dior US website ;)


    After looking at the us dior website I realised they dont have on-line shopping like the uk one. Our website has all the prices of the bags and a larger collection.
  11. Found it under the limited edition section, didn't realise the ethnic was limited edition too :graucho:
  12. Evil Evil dior website, I spotted the ethnic small zipped bag in fuchsia so I rang dior in sydney and they are doing a phone order for me.

    I need another bag like a whole in the head :push:
  13. LOL ... That is a cute bag - I didnt realise it was limited edition too..
  14. :roflmfao:punching a hole in your head now ! :noggin: