Grey Rive Gauche...couple of questions??

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  1. Ok, so opted to not get the grey downtown, thanks to some good advice and hard thinking but fell in love with the grey rive gauche. Does anyone own one? Have any pics you could share? Most important question...Does it show the dirt easily? Thanks so very much.
  2. I purchased a grey rive gauche earlier this summer but haven't worn it yet. I would interested in finding out how to keep it clean too.
  3. Melinda, how do you like your grey Rive Gauche? Am thinking my next YSL will either be an o/s grey Muse or Rive Gauche...
  4. Thanks! I got my grey rive gauche yesterday and I just love it!!! Darker than I remember so won't show the dirt as easily as a lighter grey.
  5. I have the grey one with ostrich. To be honest I don't use it enough to say if it shows wear or not, but I can tell you that I absolutely looooove the color and feel so special when I'm wearing it. It will be a perfect bag for this fall.
  6. Hi Scholastican - I love the color but to be honest I haven't worn it yet as the weather has been rainy all summer in new york... I've been wearing my handy-dandy rain proof longchamp all summer long. But I think o/s grey ysl is the perfect neutral color for fall... can't wait to wear it when the weather gets a little bit cooler and less rainy. :smile:
  7. Thanks for the reply! Am in a dilemna whether to get a grey Rive Gauche or a violet Muse(both o/s) next. If you have the time, maybe you can post pics of your lovely bag?
  8. Model it! :graucho:
  9. ohhh my goodness....i bet you would!!! :graucho:
  10. I think all of you ladies need to post modeling pics! They all sound so scrumptious :heart:
  11. labellavida...where did you get your grey rive gauche?
    the ysl store here only has the satchel left, and it's on sale...
  12. Kimair, I was fortunate enough to get one at the YSL boutique on Madison Ave in NYC. Kathryn is an amazing SA if you need to deal with someone there. Unfortunately, my bag was not on sale.
  13. It sounds so pretty. I love gray. I hope you will post pics if you get a chance.
  14. ah, thanks for the info labellavita...:flowers:
    i was going to jump all over that if it was on sale...:p
    did you get a medium or a large?
    definitely post pics...
  15. I bought the large size...perfect for work and play! I will post pics sometime this week.