grey ritz vs. grey jumbo classic flap

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  1. ok my fellow chanel lovers, i need your assistance. which do you prefer between the ritz and classic flap? i'm torn between the two and while i do know individual tastes differ, i'm so blinded by their beauty, i can't see the pros or cons of either. all i know is i want :drool: !!!! i have a jumbo classic flap in grey caviar and the grey lambskin ritz in the smaller size on hold. does anyone know if the ritz will be a fleeting style and once they're gone, that's it or will it become a permanent part of their collection? also, is grey just a seasonal color? and if anyone happens to have both, which one is roomier?

    any and all opinions are greatly appreciated :smile:
  2. I can't make a decision so let me say in advance, I agree with everyone else.;)
  3. :lol:thanks for the help, irishgal . you're about as decisive as i am :P
  4. hmmm, in this case, i'd get the ritz. the flap comes in so many other colors that i prefer over the grey caviar.
  5. I have a ritz & LOVE my ritz. (mine is the large black patent). Also, I also think the grey looks prettier in the lambskin.

  6. 255medina, how much bigger is the large version? does it hold a lot? now i really wish i had checked out the black ritz when i had the chance, just for reference.
  7. get the ritz, definitely!!! its a gorgeous bag, i fell in love as soon as i saw the pics and even more so when i saw (and held it) in my local chanel store!
  8. I have the grey Ritz so I'm biased but I adore that bag and would always go for that over grey caviar flap :yes:
  9. I have the grey ritz and a flap in a different color, and I'd say that the ritz holds more. I'd suggest the ritz if you are looking for a grey is very beautiful!

  10. Agree!! Definitely get the ritz... it is not going to be in the permanent ligne so may be hard to get in the future and I do think tha it holds just a bit more than the 227. I have the black patent and just love it!!
  11. The Ritz!! Stacy mentioned it is not going to be permanent so that is another good reason to choose it.
  12. Another vote for the grey ritz. You can always purchase a jumbo flap at a later time.
  13. Sorry it took me so long to respond. I don't know that exact dimensions but I think it is significantly bigger. The ritz has 3 pockets and the middle one is REALLY roomy. But whatever size or color, you will love it. It still has a classic flap on it but with a little more character.
  14. thanks for everyone's replies :smile:.