Grey Reissue?

  1. Hi, seems like a couple of pfers have just gotten hold of this gorgeous bag, I have been looking for one for the longest time...if anyone see it somewhere, pleassse let me know, thank youuuu soooo much. either 226 or 227 would be equally great...
  2. Hope you find one - I was really lucky - but yet shortly after the auction I won, another grey came up but it was a 225. And I didn't pay much attention to it but it closed at 2,250 I think...mine was 3,300. Anyway - good luck if I see anything I will let you know.:smile:
  3. Thanks Purrrfect, it was really fantastic that both you and ldldb got this grogeous bag around the same time, I had been trying to get the anniversary black and grey for a long time, and scored the black one at a consignment shop in HK for around my search for the grey one continues... yes I saw the size 225 on eBay, not a size that I am looking at as my black is already in size 225.

    Thanks so much for looking out for me... I'll definately post if I get the bag.
    :smile: ...wish me luck.
  4. Here's wishing you the best of luck.

    And I hope we were not bidding against each other on this bag...that is a very awkward I placed my bid I was thinking gee, I might be bidding against a tpf'er. Hated the thought.

    Congrats on your black 05, bet it is beautiful.

    All the best in your hunt for the Grey.:tup:
  5. heheee..I didn't bid on yours...I kind of missed it...guess I have to look harder....I bet the seller should be very happy since the bag is so highly sought after..