Grey Reissue

  1. I saw a Grey reissue at Neiman Marcus in Lenox Mall, GA. It was about the same size as the jumbo. I think some people were interested in it, just letting you guys know! :tup:
  2. If no one gets it, I may have to! Someone SAVE ME! LOL.
  3. I thought those were impossible to get. I have one in a 227 - and love love love it. I'm sure there are plenty of folks looking for this one. Someone get it quick.
  4. I thought there would be a hundred "It's mine!!" :nuts:posts on this...I'm not interested, but so many ladies seem to be....
  5. i thought the grey reissue was not available anymore ? !!
  6. I didn't even know it was a hard to find item when I saw it at Neiman Marcus, but then I did some reading on it here and I'm like... is it really hard to find?? It was just sitting there waiting for someone to love her! I am itching to get it... someone please talk me out of it!
  7. Sina it's very hard to find - you should get it. Is it a 227?
  8. ^ yup it's a 227!
  9. get itttt!!!=) such an enabler..
  10. What is the price for the grey reissue?
  11. Gosh guys! I said talk me out of it, not into it! LOL! I'm not sure what the price is iqaganda, I didn't check. Sorry! If it is there on Saturday, I am buying it. If not, then I just hope it went to a PFer!
  12. ahh i've been dreaming of that lately! but in the smaller size...
  13. I want it!!! But gosh!! I can't get too many bags in a month!!! Huhuhuhu.. I wish some other grey reissues pop out in a few months time again!!
  14. Sina,

    U should get it!!! It is such a nice and rare bag! u can't find it anywhere. 227 is a good size to carry.
  15. i would love a grey reissue, but in a smaller size. Good luck to the pfer that gets this beautiful bag.