Grey quilted venetia??

  1. Does this bag exist? I have seen it mentioned here in a couple of different threads and so I wondered if anyone has seen one IRL or has a picture of it?

  2. I was wondering this too! I had an uneventful search for a picture of one. :tdown:
  3. apparently, one does exist- i don't know where and haven't seen it- but i do know of people who have! :ninja:
  4. I've been searching every place online that I can think of and NOTHING!! Oh well . . . I'm sure I don't need to see it anyway, because then I'll just want one! I need another venetia like I need a hole in the head. :noggin:
  5. ^ You may need to call the boutique... apparently they were made, but it doesn't appear that any retailers carry it except for the boutique. I wonder what it looks like!
  6. Hmmm....thanks, thithi!! I may just do that....:graucho:
  7. ask them to email you a pic so we can see!! :drool:
  8. ^ Exactly! You definitely need to ask for an emailed picture so I can drool too!! ;)
  9. Yes, we all want to see!!!!
  10. hehehe . . . I'll see what I can do!
  11. I was at the LA MJ store today and saw a Grey quilted Venetia! It comes with a chain, and I'm not sure if it's detachable. I think it's from Fall 07. It's really pretty.

    ...I also saw the cute new Sophia.... the height is shorter than the original, but the leather on the knotted bags is amazingly soft, like the original calf leather.
  12. ^ so the new sofias are pretty small then? bummer. i was targeting that for spring. oh well. i'm trying to stay away from the mj boutique. going there always gets me into trouble. thanks for the update, thithi.
  13. Do you remember the price on the Venetia? Not like I'm in the market for a pull price bag, but I'm curious. :p
  14. ^I believe they're $1195...the Blake is now $1195 too, up from $995
  15. Too cool, thithi! Thanks for the update!!