grey quilted venetia?

  1. does anyone know if this bag exsists? im craving something grey and quilted, with gold hardware, and since im head-over-heels in love with the grey venetia that cameron diaz was sporting, i think this is the bag for me...if it even exsists! if so, does anyone have pictures they could post? thanks ladies :love:

    *keeping my fingers crossed!*
  2. I had to google this since I hadn't seen one before - it's lovely!!!

    I have no idea about the quilted, but let's hope there is such a thing!

  3. ^^^Pretty bag!
  4. Beautiful bag! I love Venetias. The grey is really pretty. It would be really nice in quilted with gold hardware.
  5. Has anyone seen the cameron diaz venetia irl please let me know? I love the bag and would like to know what color the interior is?
  6. i saw it irl and if i'm not mistaken - it's been months since i've seen it - the interior is a ivory canvas lining. i'm sad the classic calf bags do not have suede interiors anymore. this bag would've looked amazing with a brown or berry colored suede interior.
  7. ^^No more suede linings ugh!!! That is what made his bags so special!!!!!!!!!!!! You mean the 2008 soft leather venetia has canvas inside??YUK YUK YUK!!!!It is so special to reach in your bag and be carressed by the lovely suede, now you'll get bitten by the canvas, so sad!!!:wtf::crybaby::sad::confused1::yucky::hysteric:
  8. Very true statement.
  9. yes? no?
  10. ^ i've never seen the quilted venetia in grey, but i could be wrong. this is a thithi or forenfinal question right here.
  11. jackie i have no idea either- but maybe you can ask the boutique this weekend?
  12. ^^ yeah ill find out for sure this weekend. god, i hope so.