Grey Purse 05-from PFer, looks great!

  1. Gorgeous! I just love the Purse!
  2. me too..and i love grey!
  3. I want this!:love: The color is so funky
  4. OT ^^^
    ever since you added that as your signature I've wanted to say...
    AFI look SOOO different now. I remember meeting them when they were on tour with Rancid in winter 96?
    The lead singer told me he was scared of me when I told him he looked like a MonChiChi and Tim Armstrong told me not to talk to him because he was afraid of girls in general.
    Very weird.:back2topic: :back2topic:
  5. Damn, this is gorgeous!
  6. I'm going for it girls! Wish me luck;)
  7. Congrats! the seller is great!
  8. :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:I won girls! I will keep you guys updated with pics when I get it!
  9. It's at the UPS store--I hope it brings you great pleasure!
  10. congratulations to both seller and buyer!
  11. Congrats Munch!! It's a gorgeous bag!!!! :P :heart: ;) :yahoo: :yahoo: