Grey Pebbled Antigona with Gunmetal Hardware

  1. I bought a medium Antigona from HGBags weeks ago. She's my first Givenchy and not my last. :graucho: :loveeyes: She's a little heavier than I expected but I so love the combination of the pebbled leather and gunmetal hardware... ;)

    Sorry for the low quality photos taken with my iphone.
    IMG_5349.JPG IMG_5358.JPG IMG_5645.JPG IMG_5646.JPG
  2. Beautiful! :hbeat: I love the color and texture.
  3. Soooo pretty!!!
  4. Gorgeous!! Love that cool and edgy!
  5. That color is pretty! Congrats
  6. Whoa......that is classy, edgy, perfection all wrapped into one gorgy bag!
    I'm a sucker for anything gunmetal. Congrats!

    It truly is a lovely combo.
  7. Gorgeous! I swear every time I see this pebbled leather the texture makes me goes crazy, it is sooooo beautiful! Enjoy it, I love this color grey and the texture adds such interest to it, you found yourself a real keeper here!
  8. This is gorgeous! My favorite Antigona yet--neutral but interesting color and edgy gunmetal hardware. Yum!
  9. so gorgeous and very very jealous of you right love the color.
  10. Beautiful bag! I adore the pebbled leather, I'm totally lusting after one now
  11. Ooo! This is really pretty! I love the gunmetal hardware!
  12. beautiful antigona, love the leather.
  13. Love it! I've got the Aubergine in the same leather :smile:
  14. I love how the texture is so different from my other bags. I can't resist caressing her. :p

    She's a head turner, I gotten so many admiring glances and sometimes, looks of envy/jealousy directed my way. :p

    I know. Gunmetal hardware is so effortless chic and so different from the usual option of rose gold/gold/silver hardware on bags. :p

    Thanks. I love grey and it made a perfection combination with gunmetal hardware. ;)

    You said it best. She's everything I want in my ideal bag (except for the weight). I felt like I hit jackpot when I first saw her in real life. ;)

    You are right, I lucked out and gotten myself a real keeper. I don't think I will ever get tired of caressing and wearing my antigona. :graucho:
  15. Thanks! To me, she's pretty much flawless with the awesome combination of beautiful hardware and textured leather. ;)

    I love how she's so versatite. I can either dress up or down and not worry that my bag doesn't goes well with my outfit. :p

    Yes, yes. Not only is the textured leather beautiful, its quite thick and strong. I am hoping that it won't show any scratches.

    Me too. I love how gunmetal is a lot more fierce and edgy compared to its gold/silver/rose gold counterparts. ;)

    Thanks! I lam a fan of the textured leather because its so beautiful and fuss free compared to my other bags. :smile:

    Hehehehe, I was drooling over your awesomely beautiful antigona before I bought my antigona. ;)

    Photos of me wearing my antigona. I am 166cm. :smile:
    IMG_5641.JPG IMG_5642.JPG