Grey Patent Pumps??

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  1. Hi ladies! Anyone know where I can find grey patent closed-toe pumps (heel height 100-140)?? Style-wise, I'd prefer to stay away from Simples and Pigalles. I already have the Rolandos in grey suede and the New Simples in grey kid so ideally I want the grey patents to be a different style but I guess another pair of Rolandos or New Simples wouldn't hurt :P.

    :flowers: TIA!!
  2. The only other grey patent pumps I've come across are the Rolandos and Decolletes (both the same shade of grey) and Ron Rons (F/W 2008). Unfortunately, your best bet would be eBay for all three styles. Sorry. :sad:
  3. Yea, I had a feeling :cry: I've been keeping an eye out on ebay but no luck yet. I'm hoping maybe some of the newer styles (Feticha, Lady Lynch, Miss Clichy) will eventually come out with a grey patent...

    Thanks anyway sakura!
  4. I think the Ron Rons would be a great addition, that way you have another style, KWIM? ;) Good luck with browsing the bay!
  5. I'm pretty sure nothing is coming out in gray anything this season. I flipped through the CL boutique lookbook and don't remember reading about anything in gray.
  6. ^^isnt the Bianca??
  7. ^^I was just about to point that out. I think the Decolletes are available in that skin too... but nothing in grey patent this season, if that's what laureen meant...
  8. ^^ahh, I skimmed over the patent part
  9. Oh yeah, I was thinking patent/suede, forgot about the others! The Bianca looks more taupe, though.
  10. Nieners: I would LOVE Rons Rons or Decolletes in patent grey but they're both pretty hard to find. I guess I just have to be patient and pray to the shopping gods :amuse:

    brintee: I saw a pic of Robin Antin wearing those grey Biancas and they looked pretty cute on her but I know if I get those, I'll still be pining for something in patent

    laureen and Deb: I guess theres always next season...

    Thanks for the help girls!
  11. Saks carries grey patent ron rons, though the actual color is more taupe-ish.
  12. ^^ Enabler :woohoo:
  13. heart just skipped a beat :nuts: I think I'll call the BH store in a bit to see if they have it. Is the color similar to the Biancas that BNY has??

    Thanks Alice :flowers: