Grey patent... anyone?

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  1. I really want a cute grey patent shoe. But in a low heel. 70mm-85mm.

    Anyone seen any cute grey patent CL's?
  2. I saw some sexy as hell grey patent Rolando's at Barneys Co-op in the Houston Galleria, but they were higher than 70-85mm heel. They only had small sizes, like up to size 7 or 8 (thats small to be, I am in a 41.5) so if you like them grab them!
  3. A while ago Holts had some grey patent simples. I can't remember the heel height but I doubt the shoes is there anymore.
  4. CL Beverly Hills had grey patent Oh My Slings not long ago with a 4-inch heel.
  5. I have a pair of Ernestas in light grey patent in 85mm heels I believe.