Grey Overload???


Mika Luv!
Sep 7, 2006
SF Bay Area
Thanks to a very wonderful pf'er, my quest for the quilted grey ZC has come to an end. I got it this morning (skipped class so I could be home! Haha) and I am very excited :yahoo:

Below are some pictures of my latest goodies. All of them are grey! I just love MJ's greys. They are all so beautiful.

However, it's never a complete thread without a dilemma! I need to know what you ladies think: should I keep the grey soft calf (the one that looks lavender-ish) or exchange it for a lilac soft calf instead? I feel like the grey quilted and grey soft calf are different enough to keep but still too similar (sorry, I can be a little crazy with my stuff). So what are your thoughts??? I would like to know today so I can go to Nordies this afternoon and take care of business.



Bag (and shoe) lady
Oct 27, 2006
Beautiful! IMO, there is no such thing as a Grey Overload! MJ grey is so gorgeous and accessible for almost any outfit or occasion!


And I love the lilac, but what you've got is great too so I think you can't go wrong whatever you decide on that front! (Sorry, I'm not much help - LOL! But those are two of my favorite current MJ colors!)


Jun 21, 2006
Northeast USA
I would keep them all. The lavender and the grey are different leathers/styles and colors. Both are gorgeous. I would also keep the quilted bigger clutch. I absolutely love it There is no such thing as a grey overload.
In fact, you're inspiring me to take my "grey family shot". Yes, I have enough grey to make a family ... my vote... keep all three if you can .


Sep 9, 2006
i just realized you have every grey that was released from fall 07 on right there! good job! i absolutely love grey. i can't get enough. however, i think you should exchange the resort 07 grey soft calf for a lilac one. that color is the prettiest.

congrats, marie! i'm so glad you're happy with everything. you deserve it! :tup:

Coach Superfan

is playing catch up
Dec 5, 2006
in grey heaven
I know for sure you are not getting rid of Eugenie :smash:

If you really do not want to keep both of the ZC's, I would recommend returning the Grey soft calf ZC if you don't see yourself using it too much. I like quilted grey ZC. It's closer to a true grey.


MJ Obsession...
Dec 20, 2007
Love your clutch, super pretty. I love your new grey ZC also. If you choose to trade the other in, oh it would be such a yummy combo coming out of the clutch or another grey bag. Can't wait to see what you decide.


On a ball field
Sep 1, 2007
Land of OZ
I really like the ones that you have. The grey's seem so different. One is soft calf & the other is quilted that seems different enough.... I'm not a big pastel fan, so I would keep both greys instead of exchange for the lilac (which, I am assuming, pastel???) The Eugenie is gorgeous, BTW!