Grey or Whiskey Edith?

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  1. i've been waiting to get the grey edith for a while now, and i have found a store that would be able to get me the whiskey edith in a week or a little more. but i can't decide if i should stick it out for the grey to reach neimans or go ahead and get the whiskey.
  2. I think both are drop dead gorgeous!
    Are any out in circulation yet?I want one!
  3. Both are amazing. I think the grey will be hot for the fall though....
  4. OMG! There is a grey Edith??? Does anyone have a photo? I have seen the blue and the whiskey, and pre-ordered the whiskey. I would LOVE to see the chamois, chocolate, grey, and to know if they are actually doing the white. Who has the grey? Can't wait to get mine!
  5. I think the grey will be better than the whiskey simply due to rarity. The whiskey was what they were showing on the runways, but it also seems that most of the stores are going to get the whiskeys.

    Personally my order of preference is
    1. chamois
    2. grey
    3. whiskey

    I put chamois above grey only because I don't wear a lot of black/white/grey colors but more so the nudes and browns. So, I guess it also depends on what colors you wear a lot of too.
  6. I would pick the color based upon your wardrobe. I wear dark colors, so I think the grey would be a better pick. I have a hard time working in tans and other neutrals in...

    It seems like the whiskey color is everywhere--maybe grey would be a nice "unique" choice--but go with what you love... Even if you have to wait!
  7. I have some sort of mental block for grey bags. They look so black-and-white to me, although I love the grey-blue Paddy. I think the whiskey looks beautiful with virtually every color, esp. greys, whites, black. But I am thinking of ordering the chamois or the blue to wear with jeans. Decisions, decisions!
  8. thank you, everyone. balenciagalove and wickedassin, i think you guys are right. i tend to be drawn to things that are rarer, so it probably would be a better decision for me to wait for the grey, no matter how long and frusterating my wait is.
  9. Grey is a great, versatile colour.
  10. Please post pics when you get it...I would love to see the grey!
  11. of course i will, etenebris, haha, but who knows when that'll happen.
  12. I know...that wait is killing me! (Not a patient person when it comes to bags.) Thanks!