grey or pink?

  1. I'm sure I'm beginning to annoy some of you but I'm finding it so hard to choose a colour over another. As I mentioned, I have a distressed caviar black medium hybrid with MM lock and new chain. I would really like something with CC lock and the classic 'old' chain. I am still keen on the jumbo grey but grey is so close to the black I have (the distressed caviar is like a dark grey)....but it's jumbo size. I decided against the brown as I'm really not a brown person. Now I'm leaning towards a coral/pink medium flap or the classic beige? I figured I can get a jumbo next year. :shrugs: What do you guys think? Is the coral very difficult to match. Which is generally harder to get? Thankee all so much.
  2. i think you should get the pink. i have the hyprid bag too and the tag saids black but it looks gray, so i think the pink will be a nice varity to your collection. good luck on your decision.
  3. If pink will go with a lot of your clothes you should go for it...or maybe a white or beige would be more versatile.
  4. I love pink.
    I wear a lot of pink, even in the fall/winter so that's the color I would go with.
    There are people that NEVER wear pink.

    I think the grey is stunning as well.

    Pick which one goes with your wardrobe.
  5. Thanks for all the advice. I actually like the colour pink more but like the size of the grey which is jumbo. The pink is a medium flap.
  6. My 4 year old daughter would love the pink bag!!!! That's her pic on my avatar
  7. really depends on what kind of clothing colors you wear pink is adorable but grey is gorgeous.sorry im no help! just love both colors to much, especially grey!
  8. I would go for the pink!
  9. While I do love the color pink, it never goes with anything in my wardrobe. So I would choose the beige. But you have to consider what you like best, and what will go best with your clothing.

    Your daughter is adorable.
  10. if you already have a lot of classic solids then get the pink, it'll bring some color to your collection!
  11. i love pink! given the opportunity id get a pink one...then the grey one later :shame:
  12. OK everyone, I've narrowed my choices down to the grey jumbo and the coral medium.
    I looked at my wadrobe and my other bags and realised.....(1) I only have a light grey Botkier (2) I have about 4 black bags (3) I have no coral bag
    Which colour is more difficult to find - the coral or the grey lambskin?
    What with the price increase, I feel I won't be able to afford a Chanel for a long I have to make a good NOW! Oh DH, please can I get both? :wondering
  13. i'll get the coral
  14. I vote gray!
  15. I think a pink Chanel bag is very classic and chic and it winds up being a rather nice accent color with denim, black, grey, brown, navy and so on..... you'd be surprised what it works with.