grey or greige?

  1. This will be my first b-bag purchase and I cant wait! I was going to get the twiggy in the 06 spring grey color, but now I dont know if I should go with fall color which is a little lighter. Any suggestions or opinions would be very much appreciated!!
  2. I was faced with the same decision and had actually gone to get the Greige Twiggy, but (IMO), it is too hard a colour to match to clothing. I am colour conservative and things have to go. I could no more wear a forest green shirt and my Cornflower Twiggy, than I could walk around naked! Things have to be sort of matched, forest green shirt, truffle bag, perfect!
    In my eyes, the Greige didn't go with grey (it's too beige) or blue (again, too beige) or brown (too grey) and I wasn't going to buy a bag to wear with black. I can see it being lovely with reds or burgundy, but I don't wear those colours. The 06 grey is just far more versatile (for my wardrobe anyway!) I wear it with blues, greens, especially spring/ grass greens, blacks, white, it looks unbelievable with a deep turquoise/ teal shirt that I have!

    My vote *definitely* goes for the Grey!

    I wish you well,