Grey or Chocolate Brown Coffer?


Aug 3, 2007
I need help deciding between the two colors...I have a brown Marc Jacobs bag that is a similar shade but could use another brown bag. On the other hand, I don't have a grey bag and it is much more unique. What do you think?


Jan 16, 2008
Is this your first coffer? If it is, then my vote is for brown. I have nothing against the grey/silver (I think it's beautiful!) but if this is your first coffer, I think you should get the brown so you can experience the beauty of the original coffer leather. The grey I believe is in the new distressed leather and from what I've heard (Miu2 will be able to say for sure), the leather is different and is not quite as smooshy as the original. But I see that you already have a lot of browns... have you considered other colors - like black or prugna? The coffer is TDF... you will not regret your purchase either way.