Grey or brown?

  1. If you had to choose between these two, which one would you pick?
    - classic flap in size 226 with silver hardware in dark brown
    - jumbo with new chain and s/h in grey?
    And why would you get that colour?

    Help me please!!!!
  2. And I'm new to tpf so if this is in the wrong place please re direct....Thanks
  3. Bagmad, I would go with the grey, but I tend to wear a lot of black so don't own many brown accessories. I also particularly love the grey's got the tiniest hint of blue, rather than being too flat.

    Or you could just get both! :graucho:
  4. I wish I could (really!!!really!!! Can I???) but I think my DH is already such a sweetie to get me one for Christmas. I've already got a medium distressed caviar hybrid in black.
  5. wow i love both of these colors...where were you able to find them? and are they caviar or lambskin? i think my first choice would be grey since it's a little harder to find.
  6. Hey ldldb, I actualy posted another thread in the shopping section - check these out at NM Atlanta. Sorry but I don't know how to link the threads. Do check it out. As for the brown flap, it's at Saks Chevy Chase
  7. hey bagmad, congrats on the distressed caviar flap. The flaps you posted all look so yummy. I suggest getting a Jumbo since you already have a medium flap. The grey is hard to come by too. Is it in caviar? And you're still awake thinking about the bags huh. hehe
  8. I've been staying up late the last few nights because I've been calling the US to check on their bags !!!! :sleepy: And my kids wake up really early as well. They're both in lambskin, the SAsaid the brown has some special coating . Am waiting for pics
  9. Tough call. I've seen a pic of the gray jumbo -- an absolutely stunning purse. That's not to say the brown is any less appealing (like a chocolate bon bon!)

    What color best suits your wardrobe. Am also thinking gray is not offered as often and thus harder to find later on. Good luck on your choice and please post pics!!
  10. definitly gray!
  11. jumbo with new chain and s/h in grey wld be my 1st choice; brown does not quite work on me :smile: And grey is less common
  12. I would go with the brown 226 with the silver hardware - it's so hard to find a nice choc bag. With grey, I find it hard to match and you might as well get it in black
  13. I usually love chocolate anything, but Chanel's gray is TDF.
  14. Definitely grey caviar flap bag.....i prefer this color and easily to match than the brown one~
  15. If you already have a black one then I would go with brown for sure...