grey or black city

  1. which do i get? TIA
  2. Black probably more universally versatile, but grey is more interesting IMO.
  3. BOTH!! of course! :nuts:
  4. :lol:
  5. I've notice, my dear queen, that is you standard answer to questions such as this....

    You're a genius! And consistently so!:wlae: Tell it like it is, your highness! :nuts:

  6. :queen: :queen: :queen:
  7.'s a good first bbag!
  8. Ok, I really do not follow my own advice as I only have 4 BBags :P

    So I just have fun enabling others!
  9. You can't go wrong with black, and you will inevitably want another one later, so you can address the color question then ;)
    Having said this, I chose grey when I asked myself this same question, and am very happy with the choice... I've bought other black bags since but not a city yet, I guess I figure I can always get it later...
  10. i would say Grey!!
  11. Another vote for grey!!
  12. Yes, I would say Gray also because then you could get Black later and have BOTH!!! :yahoo:
  13. i like grey better! u can see the details better esp. from afar... both are good neutrals...there will be a very dark grey with green undertones called anthracite in the s/s 07 line that I am waiting to see IRL! :graucho:
  14. black! it's so classic and chic!
  15. Good question. Though I really like some grey tones (not sure which season's grey you would be after), I think black is a really nice classic Bbag color that you can wear with anything. So without knowing which grey you would be after, I'll say black.
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