Grey or Beige - Help me Choose?

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Which color do you like better?

  1. Grey

  2. Beige

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. #1 Feb 6, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 6, 2010
    So with all this talk about "beige" I've been thinking about "trading" my Grey Lg Single for a Beige one from the S/S collection. I keep going back & forth on it. I even thought about owning 2 Lg Singles, but I don't think I use it enough for that to make sense (esp when there are so many other beautiful bags to own!)

    Can I get some of your opinions? Which color do you like best - beige or grey? Is the grey too pretty & rare to let go of, or is the Beige more eye catching and a more suitable color for the Single? I love the grey - esp with that Navy edge paint - but there's something about the Beige that just looks "right" as a Lg Single. I dunno - I think it's more classic looking than the grey, which maybe looks more "trendy" :confused1:

    Here are pics of the two bags - I "borrowed" tad's pic from her family collection thread cuz I think her pic shows the color best, but cropped it down (I hope you don't mind :shame:smile: and the other is my Grey Lg Single


    [​IMG]pic courtesy of tadpolenyc -

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  2. My choice would be the grey... i think it goes better with most outfits(blacks, greys, jewel tones). if you have a lot of warm colors in your wardrobe, then consider the beige.
  3. ack! jj, they are both soooo beautiful! but my vote still goes to grey! :yes:
  4. What a difficult choice. I have the beige but I think the grey is really pretty too.

    I think I would stick with the grey however, as it is more rare than the beige.
  5. I really like that gray!! :smile:
  6. What a tough choice to make, J! Both are gorgeous but my vote goes to grey. That specific shade is one of the best ever.
  7. they're both gorgeous! i think you should keep/get the color that suits your wardrobe best.
  8. I vote grey, i think grey always works better as a neutral colour, you can put it with more - e.g bright jewel tones. Beige looks funny with brights.
  9. I think they're both equally beautiful but it definitely depends on which one makes your heart beat faster and would be more suited to your wardrobe. You might also want to take into consideration the fact that the beige is more readily available and that there's a very similar color this season, whereas the grey is much harder to find. GL with your decision and keep us posted!
  10. Do you still have the clay cecillia? If so, I think that can be your 'beige' bag.
    With that said, I also vote for the grey as I also think that is the 'perfect' grey and like PM said, it's harder to find.
  11. Both grey and beige are beautiful colors, but I would still choose grey.
  12. What do you currently have in your collection, JJ? :thinking:
  13. wow! I have to say, I'm surprised by all the Grey votes!! (there's not a single vote for Beige!)

    I need to ask you guys - do you say grey because of how rare it is, or do you guys really think that's the better of the two?

    For those who mentioned wardrobe choices or matching colors, etc - I never match my bag to what I'm wearing. I pick a bag and stick with it for a week or so, and then I switch to the next one. And I usually use my Single on days when I'm running around - grocery shopping, short errands - when I don't want a full size bag and only something light. It's not a dressy bag - I don't carry it to work. Does that make a difference?

    HBL13 -- Yes, I do still have the Clay Cecelia and have no plans of saying goodbye to her anytime in the near future!

    BOM-- here's my current collection (altho one of these is gone & there's another to take it's place - just haven't had time to update the album yet ;))

    thanks for all the votes and comments. Keep em coming!!:tup:
  14. Since you already have the clay Cecilia and the light grey Venetia, I say go for the beige! Most of your bags are rich, saturated colors, and I think a light, pretty, feminine bag would be a lovely addition.
  15. For myself, I would pick the grey. But I like to have lots of variety, and I don't have anything grey. You on the other hand have other grey bags, and no beige ones, so I'd go with beige for you. But that's just how my mind works.

    I also agree with PM though, that you should choose the one that makes your heart beat faster, or the one that just looks "right" to you as you said.