Grey Modern Chain Hobo???

  1. MY SA has it on hold for me..anyone seen it IRL..Im not a hobo kind of gal normally..Usually totes only.BUT she swears I will love this bag.I adore I will let you know what I think when i go see it...ANy thoughts on this bag?(its 1995.00)
  2. Hi Jill,
    I am going to pick mine up on Friday. I posted a few days ago about this...I was out looking at the modern chains and the hobo didn't appeal to me at all on display but the minute I put it on, I fell in love. I am not a hobo gal at all but the shape really works for this bag--The chain goes all around the circumference and looks so cool! I also love the grey color--it is sort of a taupe grey and goes great with the harware. Let me know how you like yours when you see irl!
  3. The only negative comment I heard about the hobo is that if you carry it around with the zipper undone, the bag looks like it has it's mouth open. There isn't a leather "shelf" on either side of the zipper to support it. I never zip my bags so this would be a problem for me. Plus, the shoulder drop looks kind of long, and I don't like bags to sit on or below my hip (I'm only 5'2").
  4. I tried it on and thought it was a really cool bag, roomy and comfy!:yes:
  5. Roey, thanks for the tips...I am about your size so when I pick up I will look at the drop again..I don't remember it being long...Also I'll fool around with the zip abit. I didn't try it unzipped but I am also notorious for leaving my bag open....
  6. I remember it being slightly longer than some other bags. but I liked that, it wasn't too long IMO, it'll be great for people that have to wear winter coats.
  7. Definitely give it another audition! Put your items in it and test it in the store that way with the zipper open. It may look different when it is weighed down and unzipped versus empty. My NM s/a always lets customers put their items in the display bags and carrying them around the boutique to get a feel for how the bag will perform IRL. I hope you still love it because the picture always made me want it!
  8. I can't wait to see a photo of it!
  9. ^^^sorry all but no photos...I went to pick it up but walked out without it. I liked it alot on second try but didn't love it. Took roey's advice and tried with zip closed and open. This is a bag that you definitely always have to have zipped and I'm really lazy about that. but did get another bag!! will post with pix tomorrow morning!
  10. You tease! We have to wait until tomorrow?!
  11. OH i can't make you wait!! will post in a few minutes!
  12. You're naughty! Post pictures of your new purchase!!! Come on... :yahoo:
  13. Jill ~~ Just wanted to let you know that this bag, although called "Grey" is actually more of a browny taupe color IRL.
  14. I just picked up MC hobo(or shoulder bag..whatever it's 1995 + tax) today at NM in San black....and I love's just slightly heavy, but compare to Totes(MC), it's a lot lighter....the distressed metal is edgy and chic...

    I haven't seen the grey, so....I am kinda worried that I might want the grey one later....BUT i have not that many black I hope I will be OK...

    Well, it's all up to personal preferences, but I like the hobo best for the MC series....'cause it goes well with the distressed metal......the totes are more of elegant style so it might clash w/ the distressed metal....

    it looks a lot better with some stuff in the bag.....'cause it drops beautifully...and the zipper should be closed to look better like many of you said above....which I do not mind...actually I prefer the zipper closed 'cause I always drop and lose stuff.....:sad:

    if you are more of a suit-lady....though...go for the tote....
    But if you like skinny jeans and boots this winter, go for the hobo, it's lovely...:heart:

    Now I've gotta wait for the black vinyl coco cabas.....still on the wait-list...
    it's only 995 or something(+tax)....but it's you think it's worth buying?
  15. I was at Neiman's in San Diego yesterday. I'm pretty sure Mariela had a darkgrey Hobo on display. In fact it was the only modern chain bag I recall seeing in the boutique. I also saw the large Ritz in black distressed patent and white distressed patent. Among other new bags.

    I'm not really fond of the Vinyl Cabas. Mariela showed it to me a few months back, and it was just huge and to me seemed like it would be hard to carry.:s