grey metallic perforated Riki

  1. Has anyone seen this bag IRL? I've wanted a grey bag for such a long time. I have a patent Riki already and really love the style. I don't like the perforated LVs, but this Riki is looking pretty good to me. What are your thoughts on this bag?
  2. I also like that the hardware is silver.
  3. [​IMG]
  4. Kat - The hardware is a very light gold. I saw this bag...the Ramona actually, at the Chicago Choo boutique a couple of weeks ago. I am not a fan, there is too much going on for me. The mink Riki is grey-brown, a taupe, and may interest you.
  5. My Momma always taught me that if you don't have anything nice to say than don't say anything at all. She gave me some GREAT advice, but not so much that time! :p

    I agree with Jburgh, we had all discussed this bag when it first came out, waaay too busy. I feel for you though because I am so in love with grey suede these days and would also love to find a fantastic bag. But I don't think this one is it. :tdown:

    On the other hand, if YOU love it, who am I to say, right?? :shrugs: I swear, if there's a fence to be found for miles around, I'm sitting on it! :yes:
  6. Not one of my favorites but Stinker is right...if you love then go for it.:okay:
  7. I kinda like it! But I am a rocker chick from way back and do love the bling! One thing, it won't be overlooked:yahoo:
  8. i saw this bag IRL and love the perfo leather! however those round stud thingys dont really do it for me.. about OTT IMO
  9. I'm not a fan, but the only opinion that really matters is yours!
  10. Real cute, love the color!
  11. :tup::tup:

    Me too!
    I think its HOT!
    I also have much more subtle bags, but I sometime you just gotta have something you can rock!
  12. Kat, I love the color and the perforations give the bag a light, summer look. I'm not crazy about the studs down the sides and middle but on the right person who can handle the extra bling, it would work.
  13. I saw it IRL and i have to say i'm not a fan either. the hardware is too much especially the big gold circles on the belt.. and suede is not my thing either..way too sensitive IMO..other than that i'm a big fan of Riki and Ramona lol

    good luck!!
  14. I love the color but not the BIG round studs... way too much going on! Are my eyes deceiving me or are there also some ring holes going down the middle/sides where the studs are :confused1:, anyways remember beauty is in the eye of the beholder so good luck!