Grey Metallic E/W Classic Flap

  1. I'm looking for the exact e/w classic flap that katie123 has but in grey. has anyone seen this in their chanel boutiques or at NM or Saks? Thanks! any leads would be helpful.
  2. I've seen only gold and black. The chain is incredible. It's not the chain used in regular classic. It's ruthenium with new cut. With this cut, it makes the chain shiny and sparkling but not too shiny because of dark color of ruthenium. You will love it. Here is close-up photo of the chain:

  3. i think i saw that in gray at Saks nyc a few weeks ago... try calling there. maybe they still have it.
  4. I saw one at NM BH a few weeks ago. It looked like it was used and return though. So don't get that one! LOL.
  5. Thanks girls. Katie123: do you have the style number?
  6. oh and one more question, how much is it?
  7. It's 07A A35282Y04543 and price is 1995.

    The leather is metallic lambskin. It's soft even the surface is kinda rough. Good thing is if it's scratch, you won't notice.

    I got it two weeks ago at NM Fashion Island. They still have one black then. I saw gold one at Bloomie SCP last week.

    I'm curious to see it in grey color so if you get the grey one, please post pics. Thanks and good luck :smile:
  8. thanks for the info katie! i will call NM fashion island to see if they can locate a grey one for me. do you have particular SA that you like there?
  9. Cynthia. She's very nice and very helpful. If she's not there, you can ask for Vonne. Vonne is Chanel specialist.
  10. thank you again :smile: i will call now. will post pics if i end up getting the grey one. right now i'm contemplating whether i should get the black since i wear alot of gold things....
  11. i saw it at bloomingdales at chestnut hill... two hours ago. :smile:
  12. Wow, it's gorgeous. Good luck on finding it.
  13. Saks nyc also has them.