Grey Mayfair on Sale?

  1. Has anyone seen the gray mayfair on sale anywhere? Or any Mayfair for that matter?

    Thanks in advance!!
  2. NM had a teal one for $537. I ordered one, but apparantly they're back-ordered.

    I think someone posted that there's one for sale at BG in black for $501!
  3. thanks telicious- good luck with you order!

    i did see the black one in the sale thread but I decided I'm really looking for the grey color.

    I'd be interested even it wasn't on sale.

  4. i saw a black mayfair yesterday at Nordstroms, but it wasnt onsale. its a real nice bag; bigger than i expected! i hope you get it jess, you deserve it! but for some reason, i always want to say mayweather, not mayfair.
  5. thanks jackie... and thanks for the contest enter! here's keeping out fingers crossed!