grey market watches....

  1. i've been interested in buying a cartier watch (the small tank thats $3300) and i found a local jeweler who is willing to do 21% off......Saks would only do 10% or 15% if i open some kind of account with them (not the regular Saks card). the jeweler is reputable and i looked on their website and it says they ARE authorized dealers of cartier. i'm a little concerned about it being a grey market watch.....i guess because i'm not completely sure of what it is. if the watch comes with the regular warranty (how long is cartier's warranty anyway?) does that mean that its pretty much NOT a grey market watch?

    thanks for any advice you can offer!
  2. If you buy a Cartier watch, there is a warranty booklet. However that warranty booklet is only valid if the shop you buy it from is the boutique itself or an authorised dealer and they have a valid stamp.

    If they are not, Cartier boutique will not recognise the warranty which is 2 years. Your Tank is a quartz, some random person is perfectly able to change the battery for you (for much lower cost). So I am seeing no big deal even if it's grey market (= no official stamp). In fact so much for the better for lower price!

    So what happens after 2 years? Nothing, the watch with the stamp and watch without the stamp has to pay identical service charge if the quartz mechanism decides to go haywire.
  3. thanks so much bee! this is my first designer designer watch purchase so i dont know anything about stamps, warranty, etc.....i guess i'll see if its grey market or not depending on the stamp.