Grey Lizard ~ Official Name?

  1. A lovely friend here on tPF alerted me to a new lizard colour on eBay (Thank you, sweetie) and I have hereby copied a picture of the KP from hermes**'s listing.

    Does anyone know the official name of this grey in lizard? Thank you.
    Grey lizard KP.jpg
  2. gris fonce my dear :flowers:
  3. thank you! I wondered the's lovely.
  4. very beautiful. So a greenish gray?
  5. no fonce just means dark in french :flowers:
  6. i love lizard..
  7. Dear lilach. You are such really an expert. :tup: Thank you very much. I am wondering about this color too. Since my friend from paris called me today and ask if I want the lizard gris fonce in a birkin25? and here it is!! very nice, isn't it? :sweatdrop::sweatdrop: Thank you Mrssparkles for the great picture. :flowers:
  8. Thanks Lilach! I never knew what fonce meant, now I do :smile: On my screen though it looks slightly green, so it must be the computer:shrugs:
  9. Gah - this is so fabulous.
    Lilach - you are, as always, encyclopedic in your knowledge :flowers:

    MrsS - I think this is a perfect neutral. You need one :yes:

    Hmmm - I need one too.... :p

    We ALL need one :nuts:
  10. Lilach, I've always wondered what fonce meant! Your knowledge continues to amaze.

    :nuts: YES! We all need one!
  11. Thank you, lilach :heart:How can I (and all of us here) do without you.

    Handybags - thank you for your PM :flowers:

    ilovemylife - if this picture is anything to go by,I am sure in a 25cm Kelly, Gris Fonce Lezard would be one of a kind! YOU NEED ONE! :love::girlsigh:
  12. I am still thinking. :sweatdrop: I love it, such gorgeous color but in a birkin25, I'd like more popping color. :sweatdrop: Will this be the same tone color as ombre? They both are light color tone though. :sweatdrop:
  13. Politely butting in but that was my first thought too. I think it will be too similar to your Ombre Birkin 25. And you also have the lovely grey matte croc birkin 30 too. :smile:
  14. Thank you seton. I think I made the right decision by saying No. :smile:
  15. ^^I envy your self control, ILML!!! It is really hard for me to say "No" to a bag. I can say "No" to Hermes for other things like scarves, small leather goods, etc. but bags are my weakness...:shame: