Grey Lindsay Shopper or Grey Legacy Tote

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  1. I want a new grey bag and I can't decide which one of these I like better.. Now.. I have never seen the Lindsay in person but I know I like the Legacy Tote (Monika).. Though I am afraid of the quality of the leather from some of the "reviews" here.

    [​IMG] Or..


    I have a while to decide since the Lindsay isn't even available right now.
  2. ohhh haven't seen that...gorgeous!
  3. That's a tough one. I dont think I cant decide between the too honestly.
  4. I like the Lindsay shopper
  5. Lindsay for sure! I had the new legacy wristlet, it came with a slice in the leather and I returned was WAY thin for the money. I think the Lindsay will hold up better for a long long time:yes:
  6. The Lindsay is available at Nordstrom! Good luck in whatever you decide!

  7. Aren't the Lindsay and the new Legacy pieces made of the same leather?
  8. ^^^ I honestly don't know, I have never seen it in person
  9. the lindsay shopper is if you've seen the hampton's leather clutch (wallet with detachable wristlet pull) in gray its basically the same leather/color but made into a bag.

    i loveeeeeeee the second one, legacy, but the zipper not fully across like the lindsay which can be a problem..don't really like to zip them >:sad:

    but if you don't mind the legacy is cuter imo..also has a secret slip pocket in the front.

  10. OOH! :nuts:

    Sounds cool! I need to see the Lindsay and see the Legacy again. I tried on the Legacy at a Macy's (pilot version) and I LOVED it. I am still kicking myself for not buying it because I went to my Coach Store and they offered to order it for with with PCE!!!!! :Push: I was not sure about the grey at that time though.. now I am sure.
  11. Lindsay!!!
  12. i know! the front pocket..theres a slit you really can't tell but you the pocket they made for it is pretty roomy..perfect for placing something like a cellphone or metro id card..something you'd need to grab quick

    go back to that store and see if they'd still honor their word, technically its off the list of things u can buy but don't budge if they recognize you and said they would.

    did you see it in brown? that color is also gorgeous..although gray is more rare.

    p.s they should also have recieved some really cute bangles (i see you're a fan) and its not on the restriction even though its new! theres a cute one that is 3/4 inch all black with outline of Cs in gold..and one of all black with outline of C's in silver.. also a bigger version of the nailhead bangle but instead of nail heads its really little coach logo snaps and its 1/2 inch. theres new legacy stripe bangle and tattersall ones too ;)
  13. Lindsay, the leather is sooo much nicer, IMO!:tup:
  14. I want the gray Lindsey so that gets my vote
  15. I really don't like Legacy tote at all. I saw the black at the boutique last weekend, and it was the thinnest looking bag of all the Legacy stuff. I do like the gray color, though. Generally I don't mind contrast stitching, but I think it just makes these bags look cheaper with the thin leather. However, on the gray it's a very subtle. I didn't really notice it.

    The Lindsay is very nice. I didn't buy it because it's a little squatty to me, and I actually prefer the hobo. Although it's a bit shiny to me, it's nice thicker leather and is a LOT more expensive looking than the Legacy. Actually the Legacy satchel looks a bit thicker just based on the way it's designed than the other bags in the line. I exchanged my top handle for that because I hated the top handle, especially after the leather broke in. I hope I'm going to like it...I'll find out today! I also wanted the purple color, or I would have definitely bought the Hamptons satchel. But we are all different, and you should definitely get what you love the most. I would just recommend seeing both before you commit fully (or buy one and keep the tags on till you see the other). A boutique here has the teal Lindsay I know in stock. They did have the gray, but I didn't see it out on the floor last time, so I'm not sure. As the other poster said, you can also try Nordstrom. Good luck on your decision!