Grey lambskin question

  1. If you own one, how is the condition of the leather? Does it have alot of scratches? (assuming you are using it, hehe)
  2. Mine is great, I've had no problems w/ the lambskin, I'm surprised that so many are afraid to get it (or maybe just don't like it?) No scratches as of yet *knock on wood* and I used the bag last week for 5 days in a row :smile:
  3. I have beige lambskin medium flap...I've had no problems w/ the lambskin. Mine is still excellent condition...don't worry too much about the's gonna be all right:graucho:
  4. I was talking to a Chanel SA and she said this is calfskin, not lambskin, now I'm confused. She said Chanel hasn't made lambskin jumbo in a long long time. Help!
  5. I have a Lady Braid in gray lambskin, and it's handles pretty well!