Grey: Just a winter color?

  1. I want to buy the Botkier Sophie in grey but I want to be able to wear it in all seasons, basically. Is grey one of those colors you think can't be worn whenever?
  2. Grey is definitely a year round neutral, and I think it does particularly well even in the warm months! It's such a classy and chic color--you can wear it whenever you like! I have a dark grey Belen Echandia Love Me, and I intend to use her year round!
  3. I was surprised at how versatile grey is. It's absolutely an all year color as far as I'm concerned!
  4. AWESOME. Another reason to add to my "Why I should buy this bag" checklist.
  5. I'm probably not too fashion-minded but I think most colors can be worn year-round, especially a neutral like gray. This is a great bag for a lot of reasons and I think you could wear it with a lot of different outfits, anytime.
  6. all year round, without a doubt. it's such a great "neutral", wear with anything (just about) color. you can't go wrong with it. and esp in the the botkier grey. just beautiful!
  7. grey rocks! plus you can use it as a softer replacement for black
  8. Grey is for all year round. Plus all of the magazines are showing it for the upcoming spring!
  9. Year-round neutral, definitely. :yes:
  10. I think you can wear grey all the time! in fact, my favorite color for leather is grey...matches everything; it's neutral but it's such a different color!
  11. Love grey. You can wear it anytime and it looks awesome when you put a pop color next to it.
  12. I wear gray year round! :yes:

    I wear it mostly with black in the winter, but during warmer months I like to pair it with soft shades like cream and it looks fantastic!
  13. I have a Balenciaga in a really pale distressed dove grey leather and I carry it year round its pretty neutral. A darker grey might be a little harder to pair with pastel springy colors but for the most part I think grey is a great neutral.