Grey: Jumbo Flap or Medium Mademoiselle Camera?

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  1. :confused1:Hi there ~ I just bought last month a Grey Jumbo Flap (and a medium grey flap but I am thinking about returning this and keeping the grey).

    My problem is this: Recently I saw the medium madmoiselle camera bag at NM and fell in love It's definitely different looking and I love the grey color in general. I think the camera bag is more expensive. I'm not sure what would make sense - I am relatively new to chanel and just wanted a few a few pieces in certain colors to go through time with. The first chanel i bought was a medium bordeaux silver hardware classic flap. I see this is an evening bag. The jumbo I see as a formal/day bag but now I'm thinking that the camera bag might be more casual for everyday and not as dressy. I saw the pics w/ Reese Witherspoon wearing hers and loved it on her too! What's your vote? I'm confused
  2. ah~~ another question of this......

    Return the gray flap or jumbo and get the reissue camera bag if that's what you are obsessed about....

    If you mean camera bag is more casual/practical for you as a everyday bag, then you probably really should get it!!! Although I cannot justify the pricey of it neither.

    I have no problem carrying my Gray jumbo flap as my everyday or day or night bag at all!!!
  3. I like the Jumbo as an everyday bag, but if you love and keeping thinking about the camera bag:love:...maybe that is the one you should get....:yes: