Grey Jeans: What Do You Think ?

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  2. i think they are nice
  3. i love them, i'm dying for this joey big t true religion in light grey, so pretty!
  4. love it, i really want a pair! i think it looks absolutely stunny with maroon!!
  5. love grey, in anything!
  6. like them!:love:
  7. :heart: them -but I'm afraid the grey washed effect will make my butt look bigger...
  8. I have faded black sass & bide frayed misfits. I love them, but I do try to wear them with long tops.
  9. I love the look but finding jeans that fit well is so hard for me!
  10. i love them. especially the one kate moss wears a lot.
    but i read in mag, that grey jeans only works in skinny women, preferably with no butt.
  11. I :heart:Grey jeans, I have a couple of pairs!
  12. I love them!
  13. I bought a pair of grey AG Geminis last spring before they were back in style...I'm not really in love with them but I do wear them. I think I'll stick with dark blue denim for future purchases
  14. As much as I love grey I don't like grey jeans. I love all greys from icy to charcoal but the denim doesn't float my boat...
  15. I love them! esp skinnys!. I need to purchase a pair =D