Grey Jackson Clutch wallet?

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  1. Hi!
    I was wondering if anyone has the grey Jackson clutch wallet? I missed out on the black one (sob!) and am considering the grey one.
    Is the color on HH's website true to life? It kind of looks silvery to me. Got any pics?? Also, how is it holding up? Thanks girls! You are always so helpful :smile:
  2. I have the black Jackson Clutch, but if I didn't already have a grey Clutch Wallet, I would've bought this in a heartbeat! I've heard it described as a "soft, pearly grey". Sorry I can't give you a specific rec, but I'd go for it.
  3. I've got a green one and yes I concur, it is the bomb.
  4. thanks for the advice :smile:
    now if HH would just send one of those emails with a discount code, then i'd have to order!
  5. I have the grey one, I'll take pics tomorrow. :smile:
  6. Thanks, I would love to see the pics!!!
  7. I have the double zip, this a picture of mine, I HTH!!


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  8. I've seen the gray IRL and it does have a hint of shimmer to it, very pretty.
  9. that is a goreous gray...hopefully they still have the wallet i want on the website...and it is in stock! lol
  10. I have the plum Jackson Clutch. Overall I really like it. It is a nice pretty kind of pearly leather and from the picture it looks like the grey has the same thing going on. I'm worried a little bit about durability, but it is pretty and super functional.
  11. Does the Jackson clutch's front pocket close with snaps or magnets? The description on the webpage says magnets, but most pics & personal reports that I've seen say snaps. :confused1:

    I don't want to buy it if it closes with magnets since I plan on putting my iPhone in there, and I'm afraid that it'll mess up the phone's compass.
  12. Mine has a snap.
  13. snap! The weather has been all gloomy and overcast here so I haven't been able to take pictures. :sad:
  14. Thanks for the info! Should have bought one the last time it was on the sale page. Non-buyer's remorse strikes again! :P
  15. They'll have a sale again soon. I thought about getting one for a while and then after I decided to pull the trigger I only had to wait a few weeks for there to be a sale/discount code that made it make sense.