grey inclusion went back ... THIS instead

  1. yesterday was a blah day with all the snow and slush.
    cheered myself up with a epi cles in the new grenade colour and cell phone accessory in grey. :wlae:
    i thought i would love the inclusion piece, but although i love the grey and the silver accents ... it just didn't do it. :s
    took it back today and exchanged it for the dog bag charm. it was their last one for now and in the palladium - just as i'd hoped.
    i don't have a dog anymore, and am not planning to get one anytime soon, but when i saw this on line - thought it was TOO cute!
    not sure if it will always be on my damier speedy, but today it's making me happy. definitely keeping this one.
    EpiClesGrenade.jpg DogBagCharm.jpg BagCharmonSpeedy.jpg
  2. adorable!
  3. very cute!
  4. I love that epi color!
  5. very cute....:tup: i wonder why some of the charms are not in 925 silver for the price we are paying...:confused1:
  6. Very cute pieces!
  7. very cute, I love them both!
  8. congrats! I love the cles in grenade ... so yummy!
  9. that charm is really sweet. congrats!
  10. Thanks, everyone!

    sweetpurple: it IS a great colour. the pic turned out better today, don't you think?
  11. LVoe IT!:drool:
  12. Congrats! So cute!
  13. very cute pieces!!!
  14. This is very cute! Looks great against the Damier!
  15. Cute!!! Glad it cheered you up!