Grey inclusion in store

  1. Just came back from the boutique. They got one grey inclusion ring. soooooo cute and pretty. unfortunately, they only have one right now. it is a 50 and doesn't fit me. So, i didn't bring it home...
  2. Darn that's my ring finger size. Oh well, I'm having mine held for me.
    Where are you located by the way?
  3. it is the boutique from SF. actually, i have been wearing size 50 in other LV rings. but, don't know why the inclusion ring doesn't go all the way thur my knuckle.
  4. Geez, for some reason the SF area seems to get the new Inclusions before we do down here. Lol.
    That's weird with that one, maybe they made them smaller or something? Who knows.
  5. ooh can't wait to this irl..
  6. got to have the ring and PM bracelet..... it is so different with the pearls...
  7. I'm calling my LV today...........hoping, hoping they have them on east coast!!!! I can't stand the waiting!!!! lol!!
  8. Can't wait to see them in our stores...
  9. No grey inclusion here yet....SA said sometime in November!!!! :sad:
  10. I want to see the key ring in the grey. Somebody please get a picture of one.