Grey Inclusion Bracelet PM

  1. i've posted this question in the Inclusion club thread, but i thought i'd post here too..

    i just bought a grey one today, and the "fillings" (like the Lvs, stones) seem to be offsided... is this normal? like on most bits, they're not in the middle of the ring.. am i making sense? :sad::confused1::s
  2. ^^You are making sense! I have seen this before. If it bothers you take it back and get one w/the 'floaties' all centered.
  3. oh good... cuz i thought i am just being too paranoid... but yeah, it definately does bother me.. is that normal though? to have the floaties off-centrered?
  4. I have one and i think they're supposed to be a bit all-over, not on a straight line in the middle.
  5. I'd see if there's another one for exchange, it should be evenly on the bracelet not concentrate on any side.