grey hobo older style

  1. I saw this bag this morning - I don't read french but does the seller ship to other countries in Europe?
  2. OMG :wtf: !!!!
    Thank you so much Olfa :flowers: !!!
    I think it's the first time I see a french auction:nuts: :drool: !!!

    That means no custom duties !!!
    And more important I don't have a grey bag yet:graucho: ....

    I really hope I'll win this bag !!!
    => I've made a bid to prevent any "starting price change"...
    Wish me good luck !!!
  3. Sorry Cal:sad: , the auction says France only...
  4. Cal humm, if I were you I would send an email to this person, she may not think she would get international interest. I could help you with French if needed but I don't think English would be an issue
    from Paris, I've already posted a few french auctions, most of them were for vintage bags though. I think this bag would be a very nice addition to your B-family! God I'm dying to get my hands on a black city but can't seem to find any within my price range right now :sad: , anyway...still scouting eBay!
  5. Thanks Fromparis - good luck! It's really lovely.
  6. This is likely to become a very great deal too, Fromparis you are lucky that this is not a style I am looking for...
  7. Thank you Cal and Olfa !!!
    Olfa : I 'll have eyes open for you...if I find a black city in 2nd hand store :yes:
    (I'm living in 16e Arr.)
  8. thanks fromparis, you're a doll!:heart:
  9. You're welcome Olfa :smile:
    Trama turgo : i'm very lucky and happy ;) you don't like it...
  10. From Paris, since you like it so much, I won't write to the seller anymore to inquire - so that's one less possible bidder for you. I like this style & this color but I just got a good deal on a city, so I want you to get a good deal as well. Good Luck.
  11. Thank you soooo much m1, you're a doll :love: !!!
  12. Hope yo will win it, nice color but I'm putting money aside for my ink city/retal grrrh!
    So another bidder out!
  13. My bid has just been cancelled :cursing:!!!!
    And the bag is not available :crybaby: :crybaby: !!!
  14. Oh no!!!! Bummer!
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