Grey handbags?

  1. In your opinion, which grey handbag this season in the 1k price range is your favorite?
  2. I think the Gryson grey skye is stunning. I'm partial because I love this style, but the color combo is just right!
  3. [​IMG]

    On winknyc I saw this- by Jalda Erika, $598.
  4. Ohhh I love that Duranie...really lovely!
  5. i have to get that gryson skye! it's very cute.. a nice everyday bag in a beautiful color :drool:
  6. I saw a gray patent Michael Kors (Astor??) satchel on display with the gray boots at my Nordstrom. Not sure of the price, but it was REALLY pretty!
  7. Oh I do love that. Do you know where I can find pics of someone carrying it or Viola - do you have any pics (carrying or otherwise)?
  8. it looks pretty small on the girl, no?
  9. I don't have but i hope at soon!
  10. I don't have but i hope at soon!:yes:
  11. I love the Gryson. The measurements given on the site seem like it should be bigger though.
  12. I am liking the Gryson, but was wondering if anyone else had any thoughts? I can be over 1k (was just thinking in the 1k range).
  13. To anyone liking the Gryson skye but thinking its too small...the Skye has a big sister named Olivia. Same style but larger.