Grey GST anywhere?

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  1. I just saw some pics last night and it was love at first sight :love:. Anyone knows where I can find one? Specially any Saks that might still have the old price and no tax (until tomorrow).

  2. I saw the light grey at NM Tyson Corner in VA last week.TI's a soft caviar. Ask for Alyce Phinney.
  3. Saw it in NM Beverly Hills couple days ago
  4. Thanks Shopdrop and Chanel-luv, I'm going to give NM a call and see if they happen to have the caviar one. I wonder if Saks got the grey one at all since most of the stores I called said they haven't even seen one. :thinking:
    Oh well...if anyone else spots one, please share :biggrin:
  5. Saks didn't get the grey GST.
  6. Hi!

    I saw a dark grey one in Toronto, not sure if that helps.
  7. I would try NM Chicago
  8. Thanks ladies...I'm going to give them all a call tomorrow and check availability and prices. I'll keep you guys updated.
  9. Either NM Chicago or NM in Northbrook Court had one.
  10. where did you see the pics?
    is it the shiny caviar or flat?
  11. From what season was the Dove Grey?
  12. I saw one at NM Scottsdale Fashion Square AZ last week. Very pretty color!
  13. Dove grey?
  14. Yes, it was Dove Grey.