Grey, Grey, Grey!

  1. Is anyone else finding themselves buying a lot of grey this season? It's not even like I'm trying to but I totally am. I'm also being drawn to a lot of deep purple too.

    What color(s) have you been buying or are drawn to this season?
  2. yes, a lot of dark grey, purple and emerald green for me too!!uh...and blue too;)
  3. I've always loved gray! I get pretty pale in the winter so I feel like black looks too harsh. I like a nice charcoal gray... if the gray is too light, I tend to look washed out. I have several gray cashmere sweaters that I love!
  4. I just bought a grey top last night. But red is it for me right now.
  5. yes i have a thing for grey.In several swatches:yes: i think it's classic like black
  6. I've noticed a lot of brands carrying grey sweaterdresses... Vince, Sunner, Velvet, M Missoni all came out with a version of it.
  7. Grey, black, deep purple, and a lot of stuff with metallic accents.
  8. Grey is an absolute MUST in my wardrobe! It works really well with my pale/ruddy skin tone. I've got anything from icy grey cashmere to dark charcoal grey sweaters and slacks that almost look black.

    This season I'm going for more black and am also looking for deep plums, deep greens and cranberry reds. :wlae:
  9. Same!!
  10. Grey has always been my favorite t-shirt color. I have about thirty grey shirts.
  11. :yes:

    Am usually in black or white, but am loving the greys that are suddenly popping out everywhere in stores now.

    I like that it's a fun alternative to my usual black. Depending on the shade, it can look younger and fresher. In fact, I've got a grey off-the-shoulder tee that I wanna pick up after work cos it's too cute!
  12. I'm drawn to gery regardless of wat season it is. Its my fav color!
  13. I love grey too.
    I am also buying more neutral colours for winter.
  14. i loved grey, recently i bought a very cute long cardigan in grey.
    but most of my wardrobes are colourful tones, except for jacket, cardigans and coats.
  15. These days I'm into grey, black, purple and green...