Grey/Green leather

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  1. Hi - Just wondering if anyone owns a grey/green paddy. I haven't seen it IRL yet and I was wondering if the leather is soft. I'm thinking of getting one in the medium size. Any comments?
  2. I have the Mousse paddington (see my avatar)- and absolutely love it. The leather is incredible, smushy soft! It is one of my most favorite bags!
  3. Me too! I love Mousse. She was my first :love:

    Jag and I also both have mousse in our avatars and they look very different color
    wise here, mostly because of the lighting, so it's very versitile. IMO, the cream
    stiching really allows you to wear a wide variety of warm colors with this bag.

    But my favorite thing to wear with this bag is a very sparkly dusty rose top
    It clashes in that perfect way that just works
  4. Thanks for your input! So are you saying that the mouse is close to the grey/green color?
  5. I Love the MOUSSE!!! It is an absolutely fabulous color that goes with practically everything!!!
  6. Hi....I have, what I was told by the Barneys SA a "gris/vert" (grey green) paddy. It even rang up gris at the store. But after sharing my pictures and details with lots of the wonderful mousse owners such as HMWE and so on.....we have come to the conclusion that mine is also a mousse. So perhaps a true gris/vert is a completely different color we are unsure about. But from what we have gathered based on my experience is that mousse is in fact the same as what some SA's are calling a gris/vert. Hope this makes sense. If you look up G/V on Aloha Rag or LVR, you will see them called G/V but they also look exactly like our mousse bags!!! It is very confusing!!