Grey/Green Color Opinion

  1. I am looking at a paddington on ebay that states grey/green color, the photos really do not tell me much. Anyone out there actually seen this color handbag and the price of $900 does that sound like it would be real. Also, for my first paddington which color would you recommend that is best.
  2. pop the link up for us ccde and we can have a look at it for you :smile:
  3. chloe baby - sorry about that I will do - in meantime item number is 130018547975
  4. I've seen the grey/green color. I think it's a beautiful color. Very unusual, different. Not your typical neutral. I'd like an edith in this color.
  5. Hi ccde51, it is a lovely colour, kinda like the grey with a hint of green.
    I am rather wary of paddy's on ebay although there are a couple of shops on there that claim to be authentic and there prices can be higher than retail! But I would be curious as to why the price of this bag is so low unless it is second hand.
    I had the same problem as you trying to decide what colour to get for my first paddy and in the end went for a dark colour as winter is upon us and I would probably get a light coloured one filthy! But if you love the colour go for it!! x